I’ve been there and there IS hope.

If you are feeling suicidal, you are not alone. Yes, I know, you’ve heard all this before so what can I say that is any different?

Well, I’ve been there. I’ve wanted to die, I’ve wanted to hurt myself, and I’ve been hospitalized for similar issues. I always hated when doctors would say that to me and yet they had never been suicidal.

I think we only know about the suicides of celebrities because they are reported on, but every year an estimated $44,000 people die by suicide, making it the 10th leading cause of death in the US.

We don’t often here about this because a lot of people are not in the limelight. If you think suicide isn’t an issue in your community, peer group, or family then it’s time to look again.

If you are struggling, if someone you know is struggling, if you lost someone to suicide, there are resources and there ARE people who care. Complete strangers, like myself, who want you to live and find peace and the resources are out there.

Please reach out. At the bottom of my blog, there are many links to sites that might help.

Here are some more.

Suicide Lifeline

Support For Those Who Lost A Loved One

Veterans Crisis Line

741-741 Text Crisis Line




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