Skin Healing Rescue Spray

Hello again!

So like I mentioned in my last post, I am going to post a little DIY on how to make a skin healing rescue spray with just a few ingredients that your skin will love!

So let me start with a little intro and bare with me as I don’t typically divulge a lot of information about myself on here, but this is important I think.

For many years I’ve dealt with problem skin in the form of acne and I’ve tried pretty much everything to treat it. As I’ve gotten older and discovered more natural remedies, it’s gotten better and I’ve not been as self conscious about it as I used to be.

I also deal with some obsessive compulsive disorders and that includes skin picking or the clinical name, Dermatillomania.

Basically with this disorder, I feel the need to pick my skin. For me, it’s usually picking scabs from bug bites or minor scrapes and it’s something I’ve been struggling with for quite a while. It kind of comes and goes and I am receiving treatment for it. I also self injured when I was younger and when I was in recovery for this, the skin picking started.

At this point, it’s almost a habit in the sense that I don’t realize I am doing it sometimes and then when I catch myself, I’ve already done some damage. It’s usually my arms and legs, but sometimes it’s my face if I have a breakout or a itchy scalp.

When I started my natural health journey, I was determined to find a soothing treatment for this so that I would see healing happening and not have the desire to pick.

I scoured the internet for DIY treatments and remedies and just never found anything that really worked well without giving me even more irritation.

Back in February, we had our 13 year old kitty get a infection that had trouble healing and it was suggested I use colodial silver and pure aloe vera liquid on his wound in a spray bottle. I did that and noticed that not only it helped him heal, but it also helped him relax and seemed to help with pain a bit. He ended up having an immune disease and possibly cancer, so unfortunately those treatments didn’t cure the problem, but I do believe they helped alleviate his discomfort.

After he passed, I decided that I might try that remedy on my own skin and with regular use, I actually started to see improvement! I was so excited and so I came up with my own little blend that I put in a spray bottle and use to clean with a cotton ball and also just spray on my face when it’s feeling irritated or when the urge to pick arises.

So without further rambling, here is my DIY skin healing rescue spray!

Pure, food grade aloe vera liquid
Collodial Silver
Lavender Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil
Filtered water

I will add links and pics below to the products I listed so scroll down for those.

What you are going to do is get a small spray bottle, such as this one

Then add about 2TBSP of aloe vera liquid seen here

Take your collodial silver and add to it the recommended dosage on the bottle. Some are in spray form and others in dropper form and here is the kind I use.

Then add 10 drops of both lavender essential oil and myrrh essential oil. Both are excellent sources of antiseptic and calming properties for the skin and myrrh is gentle on the skin and provides healing factor.

I use a few different brands, but one I love is Plant Therapy Essential Oils. You can check them out here.

I love this company not only because they are quality oils, but they have customer service who is trained to educate and inform on oils, so if you have questions, they WILL have the answer. They also have free shipping ALL THE TIME. I have never been unsatisfied with any of their products and I think they are quickly becoming my favorite brand.

The last step is using filtered water. The importance of filtered water is that it will prevent any impurities from entering your blend and it helps your essential oils stay pure and fresh. The last thing you want is to be spraying water on your face that may have chlorine in it. You can use distilled or bottled water too. I just use a brita water pitcher and take it from that.

The best part of this and possibly most important is that you want to store it in the fridge, now because it will be in a cold environment, it’s a must that you get a dark bottle. I posted the NOW foods bottle because it’s a dark amber with a label and this keeps your essential oils from going bad. Light will quickly ruin your oils and it’s important to always store them in a dark bottle, amber or cobalt blue are my personal choices.

When you need to use the spray, just give it a shake and spray right on the skin.
It doesn’t sting at all, it soothes irritated skin and heals wonderfully.

I love this blend so much and love the fact that it has healing ingredients and is safe for my skin.

You can also find all the products listed at most health food stores, vitamin stores, and various online stores. The aloe liquid is also available at some grocery stores, though it might be a little more pricey there. Take a look around and find the best prices for you. Amazon seems to be pretty affordable so when I don’t get things locally, I typically get them at Amazon and with a prime membership, most products are free two day shipping!