Natural Deodorant Review-August 2016

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! I wanted to share with you guys a product review.

Okay, so I have been on the hunt for a natural deodorant without a lot of chemicals and especially no aluminum, which is in antiperspirants. I’ve read for many years that aluminum can cause all kinds of diseases such as dementia, mental health issues and cancer. I have done a little research and where it’s not 100% proven, there are chances, and I am not really wanting to take the chance.…/r…/myths/antiperspirants-fact-sheet…

The three deodorants I tried are:
First is Tom’s of Maine Lavender
Second is Crystal
Third is Schmidt’s Bergamont Lime

1..So the first deodorant is Tom’s of Maine. I have used Tom’s of Maine products before, mouthwash and toothpaste and they are pretty widely available. I decided to try both the apricot and lavender deodorant. Apricot is nearly impossible to find, but the lavender is at Target and Wal-mart. Now it smells very good going on and that got me excited, but unfortunately, it didn’t help keep me odor free.I used it on my sweatiest days and I even used it at night, when i am sleeping and on days I am just relaxing on the couch, nope, it almost seemed to induce smelliness. It also goes on a bit greasy, but gives no irritation at all. Now I know that your body does need to adjust to these things so I gave it a try for about a month and noticed no change, still not smelling so great, but I will say it kept wetness at bay. While researching their other deodorants I came across something that will cause me never to use it again. Propylene Glycol. This may sound familiar to you if you have kids or animals because it is a common ingredient that is reported in poisoning cases of antifreeze ingestion. Yup, the stuff you put in your car. It is also used in plastics and other products so Toms of Maine let me down with their “natural” product containing a chemical of this magnitude.

Now Toms website does address this (I also contacted them regarding this and am waiting for a response), they apparently use a version of this chemical that is vegetable derived. It is supposed to totally safe for human consumption and it may be, but honestly, I don’t feel comfortable putting a chemical on my skin that will be absorbed into my bloodstream that may or may not hurt me.

Here is the website and their response…/propylene-glycol-vegetable-der…

Pros: Fights wetness and smells nice, affordable (about $ 3.50)
Cons: Does not keep odor away and texture is greasy, possible harmful ingredients.

2. The crystal deodorant. I have seen this around for so long and heard good things here and there, but I never did try it. I decided to pick it up at a drugstore to see if it does work. When I opened it, I was kind of surprised, it was actually a rock. It was dry and not a roll on or stick, but a rock. Crystal deodorant uses natural mineral salts that help the body fight wetness and odor naturally. The directions said to wet the crystal stick and rub it on the skin. I felt like nothing was happening and honestly, I am not sure if anything did happen. I didn’t notice it really doing much for sweating, but I did notice I didn’t quite smell as bad as with no deodorant, but I had high expectations. The nice thing I found out about this product is that they are all hypoallergenic, which appealed to me since I am so sensitive to so many products. I also contacted this company for more info and hopefully samples or coupons for spray and roll on versions to see if they work. Stay tuned.

Pros: scent free, won’t melt, easy to use, middle man in the price range so still affordable (about $6.50)
Cons: Not great for prevention of wetness, weird concept and unsure of effectiveness.

3. The last is Schmidt’s Deodorant in Bergamont Lime. I heard wonderful things about this on line and I check reviews before I buy any product and Amazon is a great place to check reviews of products and also submit your own reviews.

Some people reported irritation, some not, some reported no change in odor, others had success. I decided to try it when I found it at a discount store. It’s usually about $10 and I found it for half so I figured what the heck, couldn’t hurt. With its list of natural ingredients totaling about 10 ingredients, plus the ingredients are listed with a small explanation of what it is. Everything I recognized.

The first few days it was fabulous! I smelled like herby lime and it kind of reminded me of Pledge furniture cleaner, I know that’s a strange comparison, but, I have a fondness for it because my mom used it on every piece of wood in our home for 30 years.

When I applied it, I noticed the texture was grainy and I figured this was the baking soda inside, it wasn’t super soft to apply, but i figured if it was effective, I can get past this. It had a creamier texture instead of greasy and didn’t stain clothes. I was pretty excited and then there was a hot day. I mean a hot, muggy, 86 degree day where I was running errands and I thought this would be the perfect trial run for this deodorant. At first I was super excited, to the point I was smelling my armpits while driving (which I would be surprised if a picture of this ends up on the internet) and I remained smelling nice and fresh, but…yes there is a but, I started sweating and noticed the wetness was not prevented, not only that, my armpits started stinging. A similar feeling to when you get razor burn on your skin after shaving.. I hadn’t freshly shaved my armpits either and other reviewers said they had the same issue. My armpit actually turned red and rashy. I’m really bummed because I thought I had finally found a good deodorant. I did check out their website and they do have two deodorants for sensitive skin. I wrote the company and am hoping they can tell me more about the side effects and whether the sensitive skin version would work. They did mention they will do what they can to make sure I find a deodorant of theirs that works for me, so stay tuned for that update and I will share if I am able to try the sensitive skin version.

Pros: Smells nice of essential oils, keeps odor away, all natural ingredients
Cons: Can cause irritation, doesn’t prevent wetness, on the expensive side (about $9.99)

As always, would love to hear your comments and if you have found a similar product that works for you! Have a great week!