My Recent Health Issues-Volume 1

So I am going to change gears here and let you all in on my struggle over the last few months, if not years.

So as I have stated in the ABOUT ME section and my last post on my depression and addiction struggles, I had some frustrating symptoms, but over the last few months, well I say 12+ months, I have dealt with extreme exhaustion that has gotten worse and worse. I feel ill for no reason, like hungover and flu-ish, I have extreme night sweats, insomnia, anxiety has gotten worse than ever, weight gain and inability to lose weight, and chronic pain in the form of extreme aches and pains.

When all this started, I was full time in school as a veterinary technology student. I was cramming for exams, I was studying 90% of my day, even during dinner and I would recite vocabulary while in the shower. I was convinced it was stress from school and working so hard to accomplish my goals.

The symptoms got worse and worse and I eventually had to quit college. I was devastated because college was so important to me. An education is something that no one could ever take from me and I was excited to finally be something that would help others. I felt accomplished and successful and having to leave school was like being punched in the stomach and then kicked while I was reeling in pain.

I continually saw my doctors to adjust psychiatric meds and I would be okay for a short while and then bad again, all the while feeling exhausted, no matter how much rest I got. The insomnia got worse and I assumed that I was tired because I wasn’t sleeping. I gained an extreme amount of weight and that took a toll on my self esteem and depression, so I figured that was connected. I just kept assuming that everything was connected to my mental health issues or my school-a-holic tendencies.

After a few months, of turning down jobs due to panic attacks, quitting jobs due to chronic pain, not even going to interviews because of oversleeping, I knew I had to get some answers.

I went to my primary care doctor and she did test after test. She even did an EKG to make sure my shortness of breath wasn’t heart related. The only result was that my cholesterol was a bit high, something I had never had a problem with, so once again, I assumed that all my issues were cholesterol related.

I think my assumptions were more denial than naïveté. I didn’t want to believe that anything serious was going on, so I just let it go for a while. I started taking supplements for thyroid health and after a lot of research, realized I might have a magnesium deficiency, vitamin B and D, and maybe in need of supplements to battle candida, which is a sort of build up of yeast in the body.

Even after all this, I felt no relief. So lately, I have been extremely hopeless. I have been feeling like doctors won’t take me seriously and I have been feeling like if I do see more doctors, they won’t find anything wrong anyway so why bother?

I have been looking up every symptom I have and the same result keeps coming up: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I recently found a video on the subject on Dr. Axe’s Website and his videos and articles hit the nail on the head!

I am certain this is my issue. So my next step is seeing an allergist and a dietician. I have the dietician appointment already set up and I am hoping she can give me guidelines on which foods to cut out and how because the task of cutting foods completely from my diet seems overwhelming.

So this is where I am at now and I will update as things progress…