Diffuse On The Go

So, I have talked about essential oil diffusing a few times before and I really trust in the benefits of aromatherapy.

I love my diffuser, I have two mist diffusers and a “dry” essential oil diffuser, which I am talking about today.

Now diffusing is awesome for overall health and getting the benefits of essential oils into your body. They also clean the air and give the home a nice scent without the chemicals of the typical oil diffusers and candles we can buy at our local stores, but what about when you are traveling or maybe don’t want to use the mist diffuser for various reasons?

This little gadget comes in handy when I am traveling or maybe want short term diffusing. It also is spill free, so it’s perfect for households with curious kids or, in my case, curious cats!

It can work on batteries or plug in, through a USB plug, so it’s perfect on the go. I use it on batteries when I don’t have a plug and then on usb when I have my phone charger plug or computer with me. It’s nice for the car too, if you get a USB adapter or just use it with batteries.

A great feature about this is that you can really control how much scent you put out based on how  many drops you put on it. The fan inside circulates the scent so it reaches an entire room.

The pads are reusable with the same or similar scents, but if you need to buy refills, they are affordable, about $3 for a 6 pack, depending on where you go. The nice thing though, when you buy a diffuser, you already get 3 pads in the box (typically depending on the company selling).


It’s also easy to take apart to clean and put back together and doesn’t have lots of small parts or need any tools to take apart.

I really recommend you buy one of these and they will run you about $8-$10, depending on where you get them.  If you go the right sidebar, you will see white one pictured, just click and get yours today.

You can also find at places like The Vitamin Shoppe, TJ Maxx, most health food stores that sell essential oils, amazon and so many more.