Cruelty Free Is Important

Have you ever wondered how your products are tested? How does the company know if they are effective? How do they know if you will get irritation or allergic reaction? Well, unfortunately, some companies test their products on our furry friends.
The list is massive and it’s amazing to find out that some of our favorite brands are still using bunnies, monkeys, rats, mice, and even dogs and cats to test chemical laden products.
So how do you know if your product is cruelty free?
Follow these steps:

1. Look for the words “cruelty free”.
2. Look for the leaping bunny (shown below)

3. Check this list of cruelty free companies, if the product you are using is not on the list, put it back on the shelf.…/promote-cruelty-free-shopping/…

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is. Animals feel pain, emotions, and stress…just you and me. Imagine your furbaby having chemicals sprayed into its eyes, chemicals slathered on its skin…you would never do this to your pet, so why support companies that do?!

Here is a list of companies that DO test on animals