Schmidt’s Natural’s New Scents


I have posted before about how much I love Schmidt’s deodorant.

When I started my natural health journey, one thing I wanted to find was a natural deodorant that actually worked. I searched and tried so many different ones and just as I was about to give up and just not use anything, I found Schmidt’s. I found it at a local store and decided to try it and I was so pleased to find out that it works!!!

It has no aluminum or sodium lauryl sulfates, no synthetic fragrance, and natural ingredients. The scents actually smell amazing due to natural fragrances and it helps with odor!

I tend to sweat profusely. Yes, there I said it. And with sweat comes odor. I was using anti-perspirants prior to discovering Schmidt’s and it seemed no matter what brand I used, I ended up with rashes and darkening under my arms. It was really frustrating because I felt I had to use the products, but I didn’t want these side effects.

I started using Schmidt’s in the form of their regular stick in the Lime Bergamot scent and I loved it! I bought more because I loved that one so much and kept running out.

When I discovered their sensitive line, I was really relieved. I started with the geranium, went to tea tree and now they have new scents which are amazing!

The pineapple coconut is perfect for summer, it’s not overpowering and it’s effective! :::cue angel playing harps here:::

They have a subscription service and they seriously have a product for everyone.

They carry both sticks and jars and both are equally effective. The jars are nice due to their creamy texture and small size. (perfect for my bag on super hot summer days)

I wanted to show you guys the new scents and encourage you to try one.

Also, their customer service is AH-MAZE-ING! So helpful, knowledgable and willing to make sure your happiness is met.

Because I love this line of deodorant so much, I am running a contest to win your very own stick! Enter at the side bar and remember, each share and referral is worth an additional entry!

Check them out at Schmidt’s Naturals.