Marshall’s Story

Marshall’s Story-

I grew up with animals, but I honesty never really had a bond with them. I just considered them pets and they just considered me a human and there really wasn’t any mutual admiration.

When I moved out on my own, my best friend asked me if I wanted a cat that she couldn’t keep.
She found this little cat, a kitten at the time, eating out of a dumpster in a apartment complex. Someone had probably left him behind.
I remember visiting her house and seeing this little fuzzy cat who would purr like crazy and reach his paws out to me.

My best friend brought him to my new apartment and introduced him to me. He was a little over a year or two old and I remember that she set the carrier down in my empty living room. He walked out, sauntered into my bedroom and promptly fell asleep on my bed. He was pretty confident it was where he was supposed to be.

It didn’t take long for me to realize he was a special dude.

In the beginning, he was just snuggly and he played and did regular cat things…then when my depression got very bad, he changed…when I was upset, depressed, or even sick, he would curl up next to my head and he would purr so loudly that I could feel the vibrations through my pillow.
He would knead dough on my shoulder or my face and occasionally lick my cheek…he made me feel like I was needed and wanted and that kept me going.

In the mornings, he would excitedly trot to the kitchen to eat and I sat and had my coffee and we would just chill together. I would get home from work and he would be waiting, perched on the sofa arm and he would meow as I walked in and instantly start purring.

He still does this. My husband told me once that he can hear my car pull in and my keys jingle and instantly recognize it’s me.

Well, when he turned about 5 or so, he had two urinary blockages. We did CareCredit at the time and paid for the procedures with it and needless to say, we maxed out our credit because of that, so they won’t approve us now for another account so that is why we are doing the crowdfunding campaign.

About 7 years ago, I got a kitten. She was this weak, sick, feral little thing and she was scared of her own shadow. After a few weeks of having her, I feared I made the wrong decision. She would hiss at me, growl at me, run away and spend her time under the bed. One night I caught her in a snuggle fest with Marshall and they have been inseparable ever since. She’s madly in love with him. We fear this entire situation started because she may have bitten him. She tends to get pretty rambunctious and he puts her in her place sometimes and I think this time, she got too rough with him. They haven’t been able to be with each other much since we have to keep him separated from her and I can tell it’s making them both pretty sad. I am honestly not sure what will happen to Zoe if something happens to Marshall. I fear she will die of a broken heart.

I know all this sounds exaggerated, but honestly, he’s been the best friend I’ve ever had, my confidant, my silly little dude, how I learned unconditional love, how I learned to love myself (he still helps with me that)

He looks at me as if I created the heavens and the earth and even when he’s not too happy with me due to his current health, he still wakes me up the morning with purrs and paws and happy eyes.

He’s 13 and he’s got a lot of life left in him and he fought for me and I need to fight for him.

We’ve been selling our belongings to afford the expenses that we didn’t raise the funds for and it’s been tough. Bandages, first aid, medical pet shirts at $20 each, expensive holistic remedies, vet office visits, expedited shipping for some of this stuff, plus he’s has to be on prescription food that is extremely pricey.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining! This is life with anyone or anything you love. You just make it work, in any way that you can and I am not regretful or angry or resentful in the least.

My husband and I are moving into a RV in July. We are going to live on the road full time and when we moved to Wisconsin, Marshall was in awe of the outside world. He hung out on my lap and looked out the window like he was a puppy.

I want him to see the world through the RV. I know it sounds corny, but I know he won’t be around forever and I think he would love watching the world go by in a little cat tree in our RV.

I appreciate you all taking the time to read this. I know it was long, but I thought you might enjoy his story.

Please share. If you can’t donate, then please just share. If you can even donate $2 or $5, that will help cut costs a bit and if not, then please pray for us and send us good vibes.

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This is his BFF, Zoe, when she was a very tiny and sick baby. She’s 7 now and a spunky little thing!